At Luxembourg Indie - IFF (LIIF), we honor the originality and ingenuity present in independent films made worldwide.

Our festival serves as a venue for showcasing and supporting up-and-coming artists, offering them a chance to stand out and establish connections with viewers who value independent filmmaking.

What sets LIIF apart is our commitment to showcasing a diverse range of films, from experimental and non-budget projects to high-quality productions shot in state-of-the-art studios. We believe that every filmmaker has a unique story to tell, and we embrace all forms of expression and artistic vision.



LIFF happens yearly at Ciné Café Prabbeli. Next showcase will be in November 2024 for 4 days.

1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day

Award & Prizes

Our festival aims to capture the essence of human emotions, from the exhilaration of hitting the "start recording" button to the introspective moments of reflection when the "stop recording" button is pressed. Through the films we curate, we delve into the vast spectrum of human experiences, bringing forth stories that resonate with our audience on a deep and personal level.

Award & Prizes Interviews Cash Prize (500$) Best Short Film Best Experimental Best Animation Best Documentary Best Drama


Certainly! Here are ten rules that govern Luxembourg Indie - IFF:


Submission Criteria: Films must be classified as independent productions, and all genres and themes are welcome. Submissions should adhere to the festival's guidelines regarding length, format, and resolution.


Language and Subtitles: Films not in English must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English to ensure accessibility for our international audience.


Originality and Creativity: We encourage filmmakers to showcase their unique voices and creative visions. Plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.


Professional Conduct: All participants, including filmmakers, attendees, and festival staff, are expected to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor throughout the event.


Diversity and Inclusivity: Luxembourg Indie - IFF celebrates diversity in filmmaking. We encourage submissions from filmmakers of all backgrounds, cultures, genders, and identities.


Non-Discrimination: The festival strictly prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.


Technical Requirements: Selected filmmakers must provide high-quality copies of their films in the required format before the specified deadline. Technical specifications and guidelines will be communicated to the filmmakers upon selection.


Jury Decisions: The decisions made by the festival jury regarding film selection, awards, and nominations are final and cannot be disputed.


Intellectual Property Rights: Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary rights and permissions for any copyrighted materials used in their films. The festival is not liable for any copyright infringement.


Festival Promotion: Selected filmmakers grant Luxembourg Indie - IFF the right to use excerpts, trailers, images, and other promotional materials from their films for festival-related marketing and publicity purposes.

These rules aim to create a fair, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for all participants while maintaining the integrity and professionalism of Luxembourg Indie - IFF.